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Behind the Humble Genius

Jordan wasn't always the creative type. In high school, he excelled at maths and sciences. He began his undergrad career with a double major in Journalism and Chemical Engineering, in the hopes of writing for science journals. Although his hopes were quickly dashed when he decided that he didn't really like talking to people.

Enter the world of books and writing. Jordan enrolled in a creative writing program, wrote some horrible short stories, and patted himself on the back. 

He graduated in 2006 and became an English and Writing instructor all over the world. However, he decided that he wanted to return to his true passions of writing and creating various things for people to enjoy. Thus he enrolled in a Master's program at Southeast Missouri State University in English: Professional Writing. He published his highly plugged thesis, Three Days Wait, in January 2021, and more books are on the way!

But Jordan loves more than just writing. He's a stereotypical video game nerd, devoting many hours to World of Warcraft, which he will be streaming this spring. He is covered in Star Wars tattoos, loves playing guitar at least twice a year, and hosts a weekly podcast, WoW! What the Bell?

Feel free to reach out to Jordan on Twitter, Facebook, or email. He's a classic no-lifer and eager for any human contact.